Youth Lacrosse arm pad reviews

Lacrosse is a great sport for every age but this page is specifically younger players or players who are starting out. We review many different Lacrosse arm pads and find our top picks to display here for you to choose. Lacrosse is one of the greatest sports you will ever play and this is an opportunity to get some of the best quality elbow pads for the game. These elbow pads are typically for all ages up to 14. All Lacrosse products listed here are sold and shipped from Amazon


Epoch ID Jr. Youth Lacrosse Arm Pad for Attack, Middle, and Defensemen

  • These arm pads feature Epoch’s density foam and a hard-shell cap for improved ample protection and comfort for shooting, passing, and dodging.
  • The iDjr lacrosse arm pads were made with access to the world’s best engineers, built with raw materials and the latest manufacturing process.
  • These arm pads were made with a 3 piece design, with a forearm, cap, and bicep pads which are separated to give more flexibility to the player

Warrior Adrenaline X2 Arm Pad

  • This arm pad is constructed specifically towards the fit and function for an entry-level player
  • Includes two adjusted straps and a full-length FLX Mesh Sleeve
  • Uses 2x density foam by the forearm for extra impact support and comfort